Das neue Atrium im Kulturkino Der 1950er Jahre Kinosaal mit originaler Innenausstattung, Bühne und Orchestergraben So wird das neue Forum Vogelsang 2014! Weltmusiker Giora Feidman beim Konzert im Kulturkino vogelsang ip


Today, vogelsang ip is an international place of active remembrance, where in addition to conveying historical facts about the Nazi era, issues, messages and reflections regarding our present social life are addressed. The focus lies on the question: What has Vogelsang (still) got to do with me now?

Major parts of the 100 hectare Vogelsang complex were built by the National Socialists in 1934 with the aim of training selected party officials there. From 1946 until 2005 it was the centre of initially a British and later a Belgian military training ground.

The new “Forum Vogelsang”, which is going to be the information, exhibition and training centre of vogelsang ip, has been under construction since 2012. In total EUR 42 million in EU, federal government and shareholder funding will be invested into the listed complex as well as into the development of an NS Documentation Centre, a National Park Exhibition and the
Display Window Eifel.

During the construction phase a Visitor Centre, which is located in the CultureCinema vogelsang ip in the direct vicinity of the visitors’ car park, will be open to all guests!

Offers such as guided tours of the historic complex can be booked here; visitors can browse through the shop or dine in the restaurant/bistro. The seminar rooms are the starting point for the educational programme. The cinema hall that dates back to the 1950s is available for cultural events and conferences.

A roughly 2 km long circular walk that starts just 200 metres away from the Visitor Centre and a viewpoint at the “Burgschänke” grant an insight into and an outlook over the central historical site surrounding the “Adlerhof”, the building site and the impressive National Park landscape including the Urftsee.

There is also a Red Cross Museum, self-catering accommodation belonging to the DRK (German Red Cross), a swimming pool and services offered by the Seelsorge Nationalpark Eifel + Vogelsang at vogelsang ip.

At vogelsang ip we don’t consider leisure activities and taking a critical look at the history of the site to be irreconcilable opposites. Both have their rightful place here and can indeed complement each other.

We are looking forward to your visit!



The visitor information desk is open 365 days a year from 10 a.m. to
5 p.m. (on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).


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